Essential Oils

33734426641_cd909ef822_oEssential Oils are not all created equal! There are many varying opinions on whether or not they are safe however this is determined by the quality of your oil!

The essential oil industry treats them all as cosmetics or perfume. Most of what is on the market is low grade, synthetic or fragrance oil. These oils can be very dangerous especially when using them for your health! You would never treat a cold with a bottle of perfume would you?

It is so important to know what is in your bottle. Do not be tempted to buy the cheapest oil you can find! Labels can say pure and only contain 5% pure oil. An oil can be organic and still be low grade.

How to know if you have a good essential oil?

  • Where was it farmed? Was the farm organic, sustainable? Did they test the soil? Did they weed by hand?
  • Was it distilled properly? Proper distillation is KEY if you want therapeutic grade essential oil
  • Is it approved as safe by Health Canada?
  • Was it tested rigorously? Looking at every single batch and ensuring that each chemical constituent in the oil is within a safe range?

If you aren’t sure, it’s time to find a more reputable essential oil company! Your family’s safety comes first!

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