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Three sets from the 2017 Holiday catalog!

It would seem Santa has to wash his sooty outfit on the fly my goodness what a sight. I used 3 die sets and the Santa’s Suit Stamp Set and if you just see that one set honestly is cuteness overload then you understand what I’m saying. I’m just really good at complicating things. When I started stamping I couldn’t even get a decent image with one try and even now sometimes wonder if I even know what I’m doing but now I’m hooked and will be quite willing to spend 7 hours on one card. Although most don’t even take an hour. I’m just that crazy I guess. Just love a challenge.


I’m an Independent Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator and all the current supplies to make this card or any card on this blog can be purchased through me for residents of Canada. I also am able to create classes for making my cards and other projects. To book a custom class or event (I’m willing and able to do one on one or a larger group) just call me to make arrangements.

Email is stampinsmilesbyjackie@gmail.com

Phone in Canada: 604-314-6438

Thanks, Jacquelyne Laburda