Paper crafting and card making · Stampin' Up! Independent demonstrator

Why do I make cards?

Good Question: why? It’s not my career but rather my hobby. I’m a contemporary impressionist artist and Young Living Independent distributor. These are my primary businesses, card making is a relaxing outlet for me just to create fun stuff and bring smiles to the faces of people who are on the receiving end of my hobby. Being a Stampin’Up! Independent Demonstrator allows me a product discount and my customers basically provide the means to finance my card making habit. 

I love giving cards! It’s so rare these days to get a paper card even less common a hand made paper card. But I find the small token of giving a hand made card always brings a smile which I can embrace, hence my card business name Stampin’ smiles by Jackie. Playing with paper is just downright relaxing and I find no shame in that. 

I do crazy things like starting Christmas in July just to be able to give as many cards for Christmas as possible. I’m after all just a crazy person really. My friends are somewhat just as crazy and I love them. Love, craziness and joy to me are very interconnected and I embrace them all. I find sane an utterly boring state of mind. Paper allows me an outlet for my craziness. For all you sane people out there you might find this shocking but I’ve discovered everyone is crazy to a degree. I find the world we live in is crazy. So laugh if you will and I will laugh with you. 

Hopefully this article answers my question. Regardless of how many likes my posts get I will persevere. My only mission is to bring a smile. If I do that than I have succeeded!

Love, peace and joy, Jackie 

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